Guided eLearning Teacher Investment Toolkit (#GETIT) Course

Guided eLearning Teacher Investment Toolkit (#GETIT) Course

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Are you ready to create a course that could earn you thousands!

GET IT Masterclass provides step-by-step self-paced modules on how to develop a cost effective winning online course!  The Masterclass includes content development reviews, live monthly FAQs, and access to an updated group forum.


The course you develop can be taught live or pre-recorded.  You can offer you classes across multiple platforms or develop your own.  They can be academic courses or hobby-based courses.  Whichever path you are on, #GETIT Masterclass will take you through the steps to completing your own profitable course.

Who should take this course?

Anyone that is ready to earn an income teaching what they love!  A teaching license/certificate is not required to develop a course.  # GETIT will break down how to provide online academic and enrichment courses to youths and adults.

What makes this course different from other Masterclasses?

The #GETIT course is fully developed by…Teacher Jade.  She has 15 years of experience teaching online, has developed and sold dozens of courses netting six figures in profit (while only providing 10 hours of live instruction), and helped dozens more launch their own courses.

What do you get?

Purchase includes access to modules, eBook, live FAQ sessions, private chat group, course content review, and monthly live Office Hours and brainstorming sessions with replays.

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Future CEO

Module 3: Digital Preparedness

Module 4: Developing a Course

Track 1: B&M Teacher

Track 2: Instructional Newbie

Additional Tracks: Website vs Platform

Module 5: Marketing and Visibility

Module 6: Scaling Your Business

Module 7: Additional Resources

Module 8: Bonus

Plus: eBooks, live weekly office hours, bi-monthly brainstorming sessions, course content reviews, and access to a private group chat community