Functional Fitness
Functional Fitness
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Functional Fitness

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Discover How A Simple To Follow 15-Minutes Workout Can Help You Boost Your Health & Fitness Almost Instantly!

Find Out How This Workout Will Give You Better Results And Benefit You Tremendously in Real Life Application!

Introducing : Functional Fitness – Training Methodology For Real Life Application

Here are the things you will discover in this practical guide:

– The real reason why many people are demotivated to workout (and how this simple trick help you combat this problem)

– Why you should drop the weights & start working out with your bodyweights

– Aiming for the perfect 10/10 body? Here’s why you should drop that idea for now (Chapter One)

– Why morning working out will give you better results compared to other times in the day

– Why a 15-minutes functional exercise is better than working out for 2 hours in the gym

– 3 main benefits of doing functional fitness

– Read this if you’ve been feeling grumpy & demotivated. This simple technique will help shine positivity back in your life (Chapter 3)

– The differences between Functional Fitness & three other popular types of exercises

– Avoid these four common mistakes people make when getting started with Functional Fitness

– Is dieting the main solution for weight issues?

– Eight exercises to build your power & strength

– Why having massive strength & power will be useless without a good range of flexibility

– Three simple exercises to keep you flexible

– Tired of running up & down the stairs? If yes, you need to improve the fourth component of functional fitness

– Three simple exercises to improve your balance & endurance

Video 1: Introduction

Video 2: What Is Functional Fitness?

Video 3: Benefits Of Functional Fitness

Video 4: Functional Fitness and Other Exercises

Video 5: Common Mistakes with Functional Fitness

Video 6: The First Component of Functional Fitness: Power

Video 7: The Second Component of Functional Fitness: Strength

Video 8: The Third Component of Functional Fitness: Range of Motion

Video 9: The Fourth Component of Functional Fitness: Balance and Endurance

Video 10: Conclusion