ChatGPT- 20 Video Tutorial
ChatGPT- 20 Video Tutorial
ChatGPT- 20 Video Tutorial
ChatGPT- 20 Video Tutorial

ChatGPT- 20 Video Tutorial

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Now You Can Get Instant Access To A Practical “Hands On” Tutorial Workshop To Show You How to use Chat GPT to Increase Your Marketing Activity! Watch This Recorded Tutorial Workshop Showing You a Examples of Integrating ChatGPT EASILY!



1:  Introduction to the Tutorial Masterclass
2:  ChatGPT Conversation Conventions
3:  Google Talk To Books
4:  ChatGPT Workaround for Up To Date Statistical In formation
5:  Choosing a Sales Letter Framework
6:  ChatGPT Ask for Image Prompts
7:  Canva Text to Image for ChatGPT Sales Presentation
8:  Use ChatGPT to Write Headlines and Sub Headlines
9:  ChatGPT Thank You Page Script
10:  Launch E Mails to Customers
11:  ChatGPT Launch E Mails to Affiliates
12:  ChatGPT Script for a Sales Video
13:  Al with PowerPoint Presentation Coach
14:  Al with PowerPoint Design and Accessibility
15:  ChatGPT Write a Welcome E Mail
16:  ChatGPT Suggests a Layout and Order for the Sales Page
17:  ChatGPT Suggests Colors and Background for the Sales Page Layout
18:  ChatGPT Earnings Disclaimers
19:  ChatGPT Creates the Copy for the Opt In Page
20:  ChatGPT Creates the Opt In E-Mail with Sales Message 

Here are the Key Points You'll Learn:

Key Element #1 - Opening Your Account
Key Element #2 - OpenAI as a Company
Key Element #3 - Getting Accuracy
Key Element #4 - Getting Citations
Key Element #5 - Creating Good Content
Key Element #6 - Narrowing Down Queries

If you’re like most people, you’re going to be super excited about what you’re about to learning the basics of ChatGPT.

But, it’s possible that you also may be like most people in that you are a little uncertain about whether you’re ready to use ChatGPT for something in real life.

In fact, THIS is one thing that keeps people from starting upgrading a platform like ChatGPT…is it really going to work? Don't worry! These videos will help! 

There are recorded  “hands on”, over the shoulder workshop demonstrating how to integrate ChatGPT into your marketing strategy and how you’ll be able to use it to create effective marketing campaigns.