The Shrewd Entrepreneur
The Shrewd Entrepreneur
The Shrewd Entrepreneur
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The Shrewd Entrepreneur

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Discover How To Incorporate a New Mindset and Face Failure Head on to Become a Savvy Entrepreneur! Introducing: The Shrewd Entrepreneur – The Ultimate Guide To Entrepreneurial Success: Mindset, Strategies, and Beyond


Video #1 5 Keys to making critical decisions that can affect your business
Video #2 How to find business ideas and validate them
Video #3 How to hire the right people for your team
Video #4 How to market effectively – even if you are on a small budget
Video #5 How to move on from your business when the time is right
Video #6 The benefits of an entrepreneurial mindset
Video #7 What is social responsibility and how can it work for your business
Video #8 Why a sales plan should be created
Video #9 Why is a minimal viable product so important
Video #10 Why setbacks are a good thing for business success

Are you finally ready to start the process of mastering the art of time? You’ll benefit so much by going through this course. Here is what you will learn:

– The mindset and beliefs you need to ensure your startup can be successful
– How to navigate success and failures to fuel your success
– Why you need to focus on your mindset to make decisions and create a business plan
– How to focus on yourself and your habits to become more self aware and humble
– How to find the best way to delegate tasks to employees and other founders
– How to start writing a business plan and how to know the goals your business needs
– How to market your startup and make more sales
– How to improve your business planning and execution
– Ways to strengthen your marketing campaigns to make bigger sales
– Rules for the risks and rewards for your business and how to know if the risk is worth the reward
– Successful techniques for making big decisions for the business
– How you can practice decision making with limited information
– Customized activities to see if you have a healthy relationship with success and failure
– Practical ways to maintain success and self-awareness
– Numerous techniques to be more open to failures
– Over 20 additional resources that will help you with becoming a savvy entrepreneur
– And so much more!