NEW! License - Perfecting Your Yoga
NEW! License - Perfecting Your Yoga
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NEW! License - Perfecting Your Yoga

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Achieve Optimum Health, Mindfulness & Spiritual Enlightenment In Just 30 Minutes A Day! This Holistic Approach Will Help You Achieve Optimum Health, Mindfulness And Spiritual Enlightenment! Introducing: Perfecting Your Yoga – The Key to a Healthier, Happier & Fulfilled Life

In This Digital Course you'll get EVERYTHING you need to 
start selling IMMEDIATELY:

• Videos • E-Book • Audio files • Marketing Graphics • Learning Materials
• Social Media Assets • Etc

 12 Videos Include:

Video 1: Introduction
Video 2: The Science of Yoga and its Health Benefits
Video 3: Yoga History
Video 4: Emotions and the Mind/Body Connection
Video 5: Yoga, Strength, and Flexibility
Video 6: Yoga and Cardio and Weight Loss
Video 7: Types of Yoga
Video 8: Yoga Poses & Immunity
Video 9: How to Get Started Doing Yoga
Video 10: Preventing Injuries
Video 11: Yoga and Meditation
Video 12: Conclusion

Here’s What You AND Your Customers Will Get From Perfecting Your Yoga:

  • 5 Reasons why you want to practice yoga now
  • Interesting scientific research findings on yoga that will blow your mind
  • The 7 spiritual laws of yoga to achieve spiritual consciousness
  • How yoga can help you take greater control of your thoughts, feelings, and life in general
  • Develop the ultimate strength & flexibility of a gymnast with yoga
  • Do you think yoga is too girlie check this out (chapter 4)
  • Do you need to be flexible before you can do yoga? answer in (chapter 4)
  • Unleash your mental superpowers with yoga practice
  • How yoga can help you with weight-loss and maintain a healthy heart
  • 9 Types of yoga for you to choose from (with different benefits and different levels)
  • How practicing yoga will strengthen your immune system (scientific research-backed proof!)
  • Specific yoga poses for decreasing inflammation, release common cold and bronchial congestion (chapter 7)
  • 9 Easy yoga poses for you to get started
  • 7 Healthy benefits of meditation
  • How to meditate mindfully with yoga
  • 9 Quick tips to getting started with yoga

With Perfecting Your Yoga, You AND Your Customers Will:

  • Get started with healthy living
  • Gain the strength & flexibility of a gymnast without working out at the gym
  • Get the benefit of exercising & meditating at the same time.
  • Perfect your body posture so you will look good
  • Strengthen your spine so you will move better and pain-free as you age
  • Have a disease-free life by boosting your immune system with no medication
  • Be more relax & calm in this hectic world
  • Achieve peace of mind anytime on demand
  • Get a better sleep at night so your body can recover at its best to feel fresh the next day
  • Be happier & calmer and people will start to like you better.
  • Boost your self-esteem & self-confidence
  • Get intense focus without the help of caffeine or any enhancement drugs
  • Remove internal pain and develop your own inner strength